- 오일과 필터 교체가 없음
- 유지보수 관리 포인트와 교체시간의 절감에 따른 전체적인 관리비용(교체품+시간)이 절감
- 장비에 대한 효율성과 신뢰성 증가
- 생산시간 증가로 인한 공정 비용 절감

• Produces purified water (USP Purified), highly purified water and Water For
Injection (WFI) in accordance with all recognized pharmacopoeias
• Meets/exceeds the exacting standards of the pharmaceutical industry and cGMP requirements
• Available individually or as part of a total water treatment solution
• Superior energy efficiency
• All components manufactured by MECO in the U.S. (spare parts available)
• Efficient component layout allows for ease of maintenance and calibration
• Customizable to customer specifications for valves, instruments and other mechanical components
• Optional complete validation package with IQ/OQ protocol execution
• Supported by MECO 24-hour customer service
• Backed by warranty


Standard Features

• Unit is completely piped, wired, and assembled on a single skid at the factory
• Fully functional FAT
• Reduces installation costs and startup time
• Vertical natural circulation evaporator
• Accepts broadest range of feed water quality in the industry
• Reduces scale effects
• No circulation pumps or spray nozzles required
• Straight annealed tubes in evaporator
• No residual stresses or surface finish problems commonly found with U-tubes
• Individual tubes can be replaced as opposed to replacing an entire tube bundle
• Deaeration of feed water
• Non-condensibles removed prior to distillation
• Corrosion reduction
• Hot Stand-by
• Improved response to distillate demand
• Elimination of bio-growth
• Sanitary construction and connections
• PLC based controls

Equipment Details

• State of the art, GII Centurbo™ Compressor
• Inconel or 2205 Duplex Stainless Steel compressor impeller
• Directly mounted with no vapor duct work
• Double tubesheet heat exchangers
• Sloped piping and low point drains
• Minimum deadlegs
• 316/316L SS process contact components
• 25 Ra μin (0.64 Ra μm) standard process contact surfaces
• Premium valves and instruments
• Pneumatic panel houses all pneumatic components
• Stainless steel air lines
• Stainless steel hardware
• Mirror finish stainless steel cladding

Model Capacity in GPH(LPH)
PES400MSSH 200-500 [757-1893]
PES750MSSH 400-800 [1514-3028]
PES1200MSSH 700-1400 [2650-5300]
PES1600MSSH 900-1700 [3405-6435]
PES2400MSSH 1300-2600 [4921-9842]
PES3000MSSH 1600-3000 [6057-11,356]
PES4500MSSH 2400-5000 [9085-18,927]
PES6000MSSH 3000-6000 [11,356-22,712]
PES7200MSSH 4000-7200 [15,142-27,255]

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